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This means just as much as you need it to. Maybe she’s interested.

This means just as much as you need it to. Maybe she’s interested.

I cannot actually tell if she actually is waiting, but there is something there. It is your decision if you would like reveal your emotions, have you been buddies or swaying towards a lot more than buddies?

I mightn’t make a lot of her perhaps not replying because you made that gesture and she provided you a hug in order for kinda cancelled out the no reaction because she reacted very well towards the christmas card.

Well, this will depend the manner in which you word it, about your social anxiety or any anxieties she’ll understand why you said it over text if you tell her. I’ve never really had a man let me know he likes me personally in individual, I’m sure that takes plenty of courage from time one, it is usually experienced a medium, a text, a call or a contact, therefore I do not know if the thing I am saying pertains to the girl at hand. You do not like someone right away when you look at the greater part of instances, you develop to like them. – perhaps you are growing on her behalf.

You seem you come across as unsure like you are looking for reassurance being.

Should you choose inform her you love her, and she doesnt reciprocate brush it off and work out enjoyable from it, therefore she do not feel bad, if shes like this. So you should know what approach would work based on how she comes across to you, what you know about her etc for me to give more specific details you need to be more detailed about whats she’s like, you are a good judge of character.