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Let me make it clear more about Drop It… Then Ping Her

Let me make it clear more about Drop It… Then Ping Her

This has a far lower hit price.

Your text might secure on some perfect timing: present breakup, or some long drought period.. And you are known by it is possible to assistance with those ;).

You need to use it being a flooding strategy: whenever you’re in just about any downtime content paste the exact message that is same deliver it to all or any the old unresponsive figures.


You are able to write you’re deleting old figures; or which you either saw her or a person who seemed the same as her; or which you stumbled in error on that old discussion. Any such thing that is provides you with a way that is plausible appear to be you stumbled on that number/conversation by accident.

no. 6. “I Am Gone” Text (Scarcity Concept)

The Allure associated with the Impossible

That one works instead well too.

In certain instances, it also struggled to obtain me personally without switching medium and after a lot more than 2 texts that are unanswered!).

It’s a wake-up that is huge for all women who live their dating life very passively, anticipating a guy on a white horse will smash their entry way and drag them to a dream castle (and there are numerous of these!).

I’m exaggerating right here aided by the imagery, however in training, that’s exactly how lots of women reside their dating life.

Why it really works

It really works because now most of a unexpected you’re maybe not anymore the guy who’s texting them and who the could have one day met.. Now you’re the man who’s gone, and that is it.

Every one of unexpected they keep in mind you had been a very good man, and also you turn into a missed possibility. And scarcity therefore the peoples tendency of valuing everything we can’t also have arrive at your rescue (check Influence by Cialdini).

It is used by me with the girls We liked but never got around to meet up while We travel. You go back, this text is more powerful than anything else you could write if you want to possibly meet those women when.