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12-Year-Old Daughter Says She’s Bisexual – Parents Ask WTF?!

12-Year-Old Daughter Says She’s Bisexual – Parents Ask WTF?!

Within our community, its completely stylish for young ones to state they truly are bisexual, gay or maybe more “exotic”.

Hi Amy! Within the last few a few months, my girl that is 12-year-old has me personally she identifies as bisexual. I’m cool with this. Absolutely nothing modifications. I’ve always attempted to make chat room iranian use of basic language around whom my children are drawn to and I’m open to learning more info on her.

Listed here are my issues:

Whenever did it be anyone’s company besides hers along with her household’s and good friends. She’s telling everybody else at college. Peers are asking everybody during the cafeteria dining table. Often she defiantly simply informs some body arbitrarily.

Possibly I’m not swept up to the tradition? In my own time, we didn’t talk cash, intimate orientation, or faith. And in the past we assumed individuals were “normal”. That wasn’t a thing that is good. It is this better?

To label everybody and have now it is a subject with acquaintances, perhaps not also buddies? Inside our community, she’s fairly safe since it’s a liberal environment.