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I Was Raised in Flint. Here’s Why Governor Snyder Must Resign.

I Was Raised in Flint. Here’s Why Governor Snyder Must Resign.

Growing up in a multitude of apartment buildings and trailer parks close to Flint, Michigan, we developed a habit that is peculiar.

I might stay on the linoleum flooring of our kitchen area with all the phone squeezed against my face, counting. I became counting just how long it took my buddies to answer the phone—it never ever took significantly more than four moments for all of us to answer within our trailer. Understanding how poorly i needed to reside in a residence like my pal Dan’s, whom took a whole 25 seconds to respond to the telephone, my mom would look me personally into the attention and let me know, “We’ll make it happen some time.” She taught me personally that time and effort would lead us to those possibilities. Most likely, this is America. We thought her.

However now, if you’re a poor kid growing up in Flint today, forget financial mobility—you don’t also deserve clean water.

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Flint’s water crisis has catapulted my hometown to the national limelight in current days, leading President Obama to declare a situation of Emergency on January 16.